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Here is a list for bots. You can add them to your server!

List of Bots

Name Main Features OAuth Support help
R3alB0t Music Add Join ##help
Hexacircle Music, Moderation, Twitch Add Join +help
DiscordRPG Play Online RPG from every device supporting Discord, Daily Updates Add Join #!commands
PikaGirl Call random servers, memes and more! Add Join >help
PuriBot Overwatch player stats, Wolfram, some Fun/Naughty/Mean commands Add Join +help
Weeb Bot PSO2 Emergency Quest alerts, Bumped article alerts, random cat gifs. Add Join +help
RPBot Dice rolling (with success thresholds), character database Add Join  !help
JMTK - Lopez Wordcloud for each channel, Music (YouTube & Soundcloud) and Soundboard commands. Add Join  !help
Uri AutoModeration, Gamble System, And many more! Add Join
DueUtil Cross Server: Battles, Server Quests & Wagers. Add Join  !help
pbot Tons of useful, fun and random commands. Add Join ]help
Tomori-chan She can search google, wiki, youtube, and kissanime! And she can do a lot of other stuff! Add Join @mention help
Toasty Google search, custom party setting and more! Add Join  ;help
Miki Levelling, Copypastas, Leaderboards Add Join >help Get Rocket League Stats. Get how many points you need to to rank/derank. Add Join  ???
Jake's Bot It is still experimental, but it has cookies (economy) and also google text to speech! Add Join  ???
Bot Pony Main Features: Moderation, Fun, Music commands! Add Join  %help
Riley Moderation, economy and overall fun commands. Add Join  :help
FoxBot Customizable Profiles, Pokédex, and more! Add Join f!help
Valky Music, Cats and Logging Add Join vhelp
Cortana Normal Cortana Commands (German) Add Join hey cortana, help
QT Bot Quotes, Lookups, Games Add Join  !help
Shinobu Music, games, administration, searches and many more! Add Join -help
EsportsBot League of Legends, Music, Other Esports Games Add Join  !help
Asgardon Voice Channel Manager, Slow Mode, Pisg statistics Add Join  !a help
Sigma Game Profiles, Search Everything, Moderation Commands Add Join >>help
ConnorBot Random Connor x Oliver gifs, HTGAWM Episode countdown system, Search MikuDB Add Join @mention help
Samantha Add Join
BakaBot Searches for anime info from MAL and ANILIST (>>mal [Anime name] / >>ani [Anime name]) Add Join None
Atomic Images of cats and stuff, 8ball, moderation stuff Add None AT;help)
Impulse Bot Memes, music and server information Add Join \help
BF1 Tracker Get BattleField 1 Ranking, Statistics and Compare your statistics with other players Add None  ?help
Smash Battles Bot A turn-based simulator game that allows you to pick a character and fight other users. RPG. Add Join s@help
Isabel the Loli Isabel the Loli is a multi-purpose bot that plays music, administrates servers and even has a casino! Add Join Isa help
SuperBot MUSIC, Moderation, Fun Add Join  !h
LlamaBot Modlog, kick+ban, And much-much more! Add Join @LlamaBot help
DuckHunt A really addictive game where you must kill duck that randomly spawn in the channel. Follow the installation instructions on the wiki Add Join  !help
Discord World Bump servers every 4 hours to help your server grows. Add Join dhelp
DisCal Link to Google calendar to create a calendar, create events, announce events, and more! Add Join  !help
CouchBot Automatically announce when you, or your friends, go live on YouTube Gaming, Twitch, Hitbox,or Beam! Add Join  !cb help
Albedo Logging, Security, roleplaying add Join
Kairos Main Features Interactive Cleverbot, Music, Moderation and Utility Commands Add Join =help
Fuck Off bot Rude/Funny message Add Join fo help
MopBot MopBot has tons of fun commands, moderation, and an advanced custom command system Add Join  !!help or @MopBot help
BlacksabbahBot Discord Server stats [1] [2]  !Help
Snail Racing Race yourself or others, collect items, level up and rise through leaderboards! Add Join  !snail help
Music-Bot (Ru) Музыка Добавить Вступить  !help
Jarvis Music, Logging, Memes Add Join &help
dabBot High quality music from YouTube, Radio, Discord.FM and more! Add Join  !!!help
Now Live Announce Twitch Live Streams based on specific channels, games. Multilingual responses. Customizable announce location. Add Join -nl help


How to submit my bot?

1. Click here.

2. Put your bot's name into 'Subject'.

3. Copy this format and fill the content box.

| [[Bot Name]]
| Main Features (up to 3)
| [(Bot Invite Link) Add]
| [(Invite Link) Join]
| Help Command (+help or anything else) 

Please, remove all ROUND brackets!

4. Save the page. Wait for several days and you're done!

5. Make a bot introduction page. You may read IPM first.


  • The bot cannot be a complete clone of another bot.
  • The bot must be stable (Good uptime, no errors, etc.)
  • All bots will be tested in 0131 Network to make sure it's OK to be on the list, please actively cooperate with us while we test your bot.
  • All original-made bots will have priority. (Have original functions, different from other bots)