Good Vs Evil

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Good Vs Evil is a Discord server owned by laugexd#1395.

Basic Info

  • Server Name:Good Vs Evil
  • Theme:Good Vs Evil
  • Invite Link: Join


  • We are mainly talking about games
  • We have the different sides that you can join
  • my goal is to have a nice and friendly gaming community where people can meet new friends


  • Owner laugexd#1395
  • Admin Luke#9618
  • Trusted Helper austinhuang#1076


  1. No sexual content
  2. Dont spam
  3. Listen to staff
  4. You can only choose one race
  5. If you want to use commands then use them in #commands
  6. Dont advertise for other servers
  7. No cancer names (we can give you a nickname if you have a cancer name)

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