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    (Whenever you break a specifically labeled rule, you get a strike. Three strikes results in a ban, or fewer depending on the level of the offense.)

1) Keep discussion relevant to each channel

2) No spamming

3) No personal attacks or hate speech

4) No NSFW - This is an immediate strike, and a ban if underage.

5) Do not impersonate other users

6) Do not publicly argue with staff - If you have concerns, DM the mods.

7) Do not link to piracy sites


> Report suspicious or discomforting activity to mods.

> Keep all-caps to a minimum when posting.

> Mods, you're not immune to the rules, either!

> Be considerate of everyone and try to have a good time.

if you lash out at a staff member in DM's for enforcing a rule, this will be treated the same way as rule 6,have a civil conversation with the team

Please keep your names to letters on the keyboard unless we need to mention you for something