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Template:LightningNav The Server List allows you to post your server, and find the server(s) you want here. Read FAQ chapter to find out how to post a server.
If you want a categorized server list (not finished yet), use Category:Servers.
When you join a server, please follow the server's rules. Thank you.

List of Servers[edit]

Use Ctrl+F/Cmd+F to search. If you've found expired invites, notify us. The titles of the servers listed here are not necessarily the same as their current titles, but if you need an edit notify us or re-request your server in Talk:Lightning Server List stating "replacing old submission".

Server Name & Server Page Description Invite Link
Lightning We are Lightning, a small company ran by Rienknr1 behind a simple and small desk. Lightning has became so big becuse Rienknr1 keeps improving his bot with new commands he create at his own! We thank all users who are using Lightning and helping us to be bigger. Without those users, we never came so far like this! Join


Any restrictions on servers?[edit]

To make sure the server list is not destroyed:

  • No 18+ Servers, as it violates Discord ToS and ShoutWiki Content Policy. Servers with a hidden NSFW channel is excluded.
  • No servers with extreme opinion (racist, sexual, etc)

How to add my server into the page?[edit]

How to submit my server?[edit]

1. Click here.
2. Type this on the Subject/Headline box:

(Your Server Name): Request

3. Copy the following format and fill its content box.

| [[(Server Name)]]
| (Short description) 
| [(Discord Invite Link) Join]
Owner: (Owner's Discord Name#Discord ID, like Rienknr1#3494)</nowiki>

Beware!!! You only need to replace the parts with round brackets. Keep all the spaces and the square brackets. They are necessary.
Also, please remove all round brackets after filling!
4. Press 'Save Page'. You're done! In 1 or 2 day(s), you'll see your server on the list.

I clicked the link, but no response![edit]

If you're using, please open the link above in a new tab.

...And afterwards?[edit]

You'll see your server name shown as red on the server list. Click on that red name and it tells you to edit a server page.
You may need to read IPM.

How to unlist my server?[edit]

DM Rienknr1#3494. Please provide a reason. Also, if your server has more than 1 month of inactivity, it'll be removed.