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Date of Birth?


Time Zone?



I Am a 16 Year Old Coder, Gamer & GFX Designer Who Has Currently Moved To France & Learning The Language! So Soon Ill Be Bilingual. I Am Quite Mature But Do Have Anger Issues. I Can Control My Anger Issues Though as I Have many Techniques To Do So. My School Hours Are From 8AM - 5PM Weekdays, Wednesday 8AM - 12PM [Lunch] So i cant be on during that time.

Experience Before?

Yes I Do. I Have Quite A Lot As I Have Owned MC Servers (I Don't Play Any More) & Many Websites And I Own A Website Now. I Know How To Keep A Community In Order Because As I Said I Have Owned Many Other Communities & Been Staff On Many Other Communities.

Prefer kind of server?

I Would Like To Preferably Manage A CSGO Community &/or A Rust community as thats what i have experience with the most. I Have Professional Skills In Them Aswell As I Play Them 2 Games A lot & Know What im Dealing With According To The People In The Community

Thoughts about the Mod role?

I Think The Moderator Role Would Be Helpful & Kind Of Strict At The Same Time As They Would Need To Keep Others In Order & Look Over The Whole Community.

What will you do?

I Will Make It A Happier & More Controlled Environment For Others & Will Also Give Lots Of Ideas To Do So.

Technical Info

Submit date: 2016.05.28
ID: 5a637dbb5a
Code: 803b8e7ca904afb6a33f19b7582e5015