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Date of Birth?



Programmer, mature, friendly, organizer, laid-back when it's appropriate, and gamer.

Experience Before?

I moderated for a Twitch partnered channel, Heph, for a few months. I spent about 6 months in a group of about 20 people where we had a sort of democracy.

Prefer kind of server?

  • Minecraft, especially modded.
  • Programming.
  • Math, of any kind.
  • Science (Physics, Astronomy, Comp Sci, Chemistry.)
  • Creative writing.
  • Gaming groups.

Thoughts about the Mod role?

I believe that the moderator role is a role that shouldn't just be handed out. It should be given to people who have been known to be able to handle a crowd and get situations under control. It's about helping the person who gave you the role, being their right-hand-man as it were. It's about helping the community you've been given the role for.

What will you do?

I will keep things under control while the owner is away and do what I can to contribute to the community.

Technical Info

Submit date: 2016.06.02
ID: ec94be8539
Code: 008dabb15f823a1715534a4f30d1f66b