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Date of Birth?


Time Zone?



I'm a Student and striving to learn about new technology and the code used to make it.

Yes I may be a student but, I still have a lot to learn. I feel it's better to put what you've learnt into practice as soon as possible, to change it if something is wrong about it. Besides, it's better to learn something right before it's just too late.

Experience Before?

Very little in terms of Discordapp. But I have been an Admin twice on Garry's Mod servers (both are now shutdown, sadly...).

Prefer kind of server?

  • "Community (i.e. Bot Development Servers (like my own) ).
  • Twitch Talk Hangouts [i.e. N3RDFUSION].
  • Minecraft (had account for 3 years at date of application)."

Thoughts about the Mod role?

It's never always about Kicking, Banning, Muting or just punishing others in general for their wrongdoings.

I think of helping out the community any way possible and if you can't, at least point them in the right direction.

What will you do?

I will do the best possible to help others to the extent of my knowledge, discipline the spammers, trolls (the ones that ruin the fun) and try to show them to the better path.

Technical Info

Submit date: 2016-08-15
ID: 3edab6cbfe
Code: cfc5cb0f643af02fab75f51dcddb0f3b