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Date of Birth?



Hey guys, I'm RedEyed_Rocker aka. Red. I love Gaming and that's what I do. I have 3 years of experience in Minecraft and I'm an experienced Minecraf, Discord, Counter Strike Server Owner. I have a youtube channel as well with random game plays video and other animation and stuff.

Experience Before?

Yes, I have a lot of experience. I have 3 websites which I created it and I'm managing it by myself without any help. I have developed my own Minecraft and Counter Strike server. I also have my main website used mostly for Minecraft chatting and creating threads, asking questions and suggestions, report section and lots of other sections. I was Moderator on a teamspeak server but now it's been some months that I have quit teamspeak.

Prefer kind of server?

I prefer a Minecraft/Gaming Community Server because I have a Minecraft Server and I do have a lot of interest in Minecraft.

Thoughts about the Mod role?

I think Moderator role is a serious role and it can be misused/abusing moderator power but I'm mature enough to deal with rule breakers like spammers (Ban List/A001) which I have dealt with a few weeks ago.

What will you do?

My main priority will be to bring lots of people and make Discord one of the most famous social app/site like Skype/Facebook. I would also look out for rule breakers and deal with them in a mature way. I am online frequently but I think I won't be online for a week due to my exam. Almost all the times I'm online a lot of hours.

Technical Info

Submit date: 2016-05-25
ID: 6d71e2ecb7
Code: bf9ca1ff9026f6d8141678bca7a1d9b0