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RegallBot is created by Coocla33#2430 and AyavaJeroen#3400 and are the proud owners of the Retro Gaming Alliance community. This BOT is written in Node.js and our prefix is #

Our current list of commands:
+ Hi, Commands, Help, Info,
+ Gamble, Stats, GambleReset,
+ GambleInfo, Talk, ServerInfo,
+ Regall, Invite, Suggest, MemeInfo
+ Meme, Dice, WhoAmI, WhoAreYou
+ Weather

Some server side commands:

- Welcome/Leave messages
- Invite - Invite RegallBot to your own server!

Go to for more information about the commands

Soon to be added:

- Mute
- More minigames!

Probably going to be added:

- Twitch alerts
- Reminders

More information about our server: