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ScLe - Scarlet League

Based in OCE

Server Basis

"Welcome to ScLe - Scarlet League. For the gamers that don't sleep, for the ones who wanna chat for 5 more min! For the active server lurkers! A happy go lucky server that aims for the stars!"

The server has few bots, but all working correctly, the server has been set up for a "LoL" based server but any gamers are allowed as it's a public server! Promoted by the community driven wiki and "" as a plat/diamond public server, anyone can join.

Started on the first day "marvoa" joinned Discord, but left for 2 months as he spent most of his time at a private server called "!Neko" Came back to his server once he found a icon, got interested in bots, and had friends who didn't like skype and needed a new place to hang out.

This server rose in usage with complete set up of bots, channels, hidden NSFW material in hidden channels, roles, flexibility, with few rules, people keep a nice, peaceful and friendly server, suited for anyone to join! Nobody really knows how the server doesn't fall to chaos with few rules (apparently just 1 rule) But it's said to be based on pure common sense and friendly people that keep it running smoothly with many daily active people.

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