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This guide is unfinished.

This is a guide for making a successful Discord server. All the contents are only for reference.

Before making a server

  • Think about the major themes of your server.
  • This could be a game.
  • This could be 'General Talks', but this cannot be your only theme.
  • This could be any specific range of stuff that people like (eg. Science, Programming, ...)
  • This could be a multiple game community, but also this cannot be your only theme. (You need to focus on 1~3 games)
  • Think again about your theme.
  • Do you have experience on the theme you've chosen? How much?
  • Will people be attracted by your theme?


  • Do you have any friends who are also interested in this kind of stuff?
  • Or you're not an expert, but they are?
  • Do you have any friends who have management skills?
  • Do they want to be moderators/co-owners?

Making a server

  • What channels do you need?
  • Remember: You must make an off-topic channel, or people will get bored!
  • You cannot make too many channels!
  • What roles do you need? (Exclude bots)
  • Careful when giving ANY Administrator permission! Seriously, don't give it to your mods/admins. Only give it to owner/co-owner.
  • Of course, don't make too many roles with different permissions!
  • What bots do you need?
  • Make a channel for people to command bots!

Managing a server

  • What rules do you need?
  • You need to consider all possible situations.
  • You cannot make the rules too strict!
  • You need to make the rules clear!
  • Advertisements?