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The Server List allows you to post your server, and find the server(s) you want here. Read FAQ chapter to find out how to post a server.
If you want a categorized server list (not finished yet), use Category:Servers.
When you join a server, please follow the server's rules. Thank you.

List of Servers

Use Ctrl+F/Cmd+F to search. If you've found expired invites, notify us. The titles of the servers listed here are not necessarily the same as their current titles, but if you need an edit notify us or re-request your server in Talk:Server List stating "replacing old submission".

Server Name & Server Page Description Invite Link
0131 Network Home of this site. Bot development, music, and more! Join
Lackadaisical Peeps Join
Void Adventures Everybody hang out together with no need to seperate. Join
Chilled Hangouts A server to chillout, have interesting conversations, and relax to some chilled tunes. Join
Excelsior All-purpose social server where talks about everything and anything. Join
Gacha World Join
Legendary Gaming Community A competitive, casual, and professional gaming community for friends to hang out. Join
BeastsOfPrey Community Multi gaming community: LoL, Brawlhalla, Warframe, CS:GO, Dirty Bomb, War Thunder, ... Join
Snazzah's Hangout A place for hanging out with bots. Provides support for Philter and Tadpole. Join
TheRivalsRage | Minecraft Discord Server | Gaming Community | Random Discussions | Join
Game Detectives A community of gamers dedicated to solving ARGs. Reddit Join
Gamers, assemble! Join
T.O.D.S. Dedicated to having fun chatting with friends and playing with bots. Family-like server! ^_^ Join
Retro Gaming Alliance We are a community playing both modern and retro games. Featuring a 24/7 Music Server with >2000 songs! Join
Cl0ud Tail Join
Discord Dungeons A place for all people, provides DiscordRPG and more. Join
Enjoyable Gamer Pals Small Gaming Community Where Everyone Is Nice & Helpful Join
Gaming Freaks This is a server for people who love games and to have fun. Join
SPFYL SPFYL Is A General Discord Server For General & Coding Discussions. Join
Minecraft Discord A place for Minecrafters to come and talk Join
TC - Public GER/ENG Ein öffentlicher Server für jedermann! / A public meeting point for everyone! Join
Stockraft The friendliest Minecraft server! Join us for an amazing, survival multiplayer experience! Join
Good Vs Evil A place to meet new friends Join
Science & Technology A place to discuss breaking science and technology news from around the world. Join
MoonLightWolves Tera Gaming Guild Looking For Guild Mates To Join Us And Build A Community Join
Fit Gamers Game community......On fitness! Join
ScLe A Happy go lucky server for social and to the point gamers! ^_^ Join
FreeChat TM FreeChat TM is the place to be if you want to talk about anything really. We here strive to provide you. Join
My Anime Chat A fun server where you can discuss anime/manga/light novels to your hearts content, or even just talk about your day. Join
NewTubers The Official Discord of Reddit Community /r/NewTubers the largest YouTube-centric subreddit! Join
twitch & gaming this is a gaming discord and twitch Join
Science and Technology This is a friendly community for those who are interested in getting involved with the world of science and technology. Join
Gaming and Chill We in gaming and chill do what the name says, we play games and chill out. We want to grow as a community so that we can all play games together. Join
The Allied Legion A newly formed community founded in North America where we provide an environment as well as host giveaways and events for people to socialize, have fun, and play games, as well as feel safe, accepted, welcomed, included and valued. Our server supports and is LGBT friendly. Join
HarambesVillage A place where you can Chill, play video games, stay informed, make friends, communicate and exchange ideas. Join
MECTAG'S PUBLIC A server for everyone! Join
Server Central Server Central is a Discord Server List for sharing servers. Join
Storm's Server A friendly and nice community!^^ Talk about anything you like,anime,games,music and much more as well getting your own color/role! Join
Nepali Gamers Join Nepalese Discord Voice Server, Socialize with others Nepalese gamers. Join
YOLT A gaming server made by gamers, hop in! Join
Anti-Social Society We are a community of like-minded people looking to make some friends. Anime, memes (the dankest) and playing games. Come on over and check it out. Join
Music and Chill A music & gaming Discord channel. Everyone is welcome to play music and chat about games, programming and other kind of stuff. Join
Mercia Micronation The official discord of the micronation of Mercia - political kekkery, parliamentary banter and hahus abound Join
SKVale Just a slowly evolving gaming community for those who wanna get involved Join
95 Degrees We're a brand new server for friendly people across the world to make friends and chat about life! Join
Guardians of the Cone We are a Tupper Ware Remix Party fan server when people who enjoy TWRP can come and feel welcome, post fanart, get live social feeds, listen to music, and much more! Join
Weeb Nation (Beta) We are a friendly and active weeb community where you can meet new people, make new nakama and talk about anime & gaming~ Join
TheFunChat TheFunChat is a chat for everyone to just have fun and hang out! Join
Conspiracy Join us in our discussion about all things conspiracy related. Discuss UFO's, secret societies, the paranormal and much more! Join
Wright Anything Agency The Ace Attorney Discord server, where we discuss the series, including the anime and the new game, Spirit of Justice. Join
Abstraction We are social server for people who want to make friends and chat. We also have contests and prizes :) Join
The Empire A gaming community to just relax and hang out. Non-gamers welcome! Join
Girls United All gamer girls, no boys allowed. Join
Dover Boy's Community Discord based around mostly gaming. Join
GEEKism Lounge A Swedish community of gamers, geeks and science interested people. Everyone that can pass the test and figure out the password is welcome! Join
Anti Social Social Club A social server kinda. Join
GuadnaHD - Server Das ist mein Server Join
Potsdam for everyone who lives in or around Potsdam (Germany) Join
Revelation Online Community Discord The unOfficial Community Discord for Revelation Online! Join
Accelerated World The goal is World Domination Join
The Hang Out Just a place to chill out and have fun! Join
Gamers, Geeks, and Nerds We are a bunch of gamers, geeks, and nerds who love to play Overwatch, League of Legends, Trove, CSGO, and more. Join
Opium Pulses Partnered Discord Server for members of the Opium Pulses community - We're a laid back bunch with a stupid sense of humour and bizarre personalities! Join
Nishizumiii Looking for Anime Roleplay or just Smalltalk? Join us! Join
Noot Just a place to meet new people and hang out with a pingu twist. We love dank Pingu memes and playing games together. Noot Noot! Join
Reddit Music Production A server for general music production with a few text channels based off the top music production subreddits. We also hold contests regularly. Get noticed! Join
TheDefaultState A community of fun people doing good things for charity. We do game nights, Join
SEA Paladins Discord server for Paladins players in South East Asia Region Join
The Lunch Room A small group of people, where you can chat and make friends! We will start to make rooms for anything we need! Join
Streetpass Somerset County NJ Server for talking all things Nintendo and for a streetpass group in New Jersey Join
anything goes this server is a chill server for anything gaming, talking, even anime, Join
Red Hands Gaming Red Hands Gaming is a great place to come relax and play games with like minded people =D Join
Hope If you need advice, unstability, breakup advice, here's your judgment-free zone! Join
Playfire Official home of Playfire. We talk about everything; from games, to movies, anime, music and even to the latest news/games. Everyone is welcome. Join
Pokémon Village General Pokemon related conversation. We have rooms for Pokemon GO, WiFi battles, and more! Showdown Tournaments held every other week! Ages 16+ only. Join
Reckless Neighborhood Gaming Gaming Community, Streamers, Youtubers, Tournaments, Casual and Competitive play, Pro Teams and Much More! Join
Shibe's Hell The title is self explanatory. From politics to food, and cosplay to memes and much more, this server is pretty much hell. Come join, cause some mayhem, and chat! And discover some pretty cool things. Join
GayDayz A LGBT+ friendly community looking tocreate a place to feel welcome. Gaymers, Anime enthusiasts, Artists--our ranks are a diverse group of people that know how to have a good time. Join
The Mess Hall A place for veterans, gamers, memes, relaxing, and making connections Join
A Gaming Community Gaming Community based in Australia (Oceania). Friendly, welcomes new members to join in and chill in the voice and text channels. Always expanding, if you want something added let us know in the feedback section or dm staff. Join
Anime Y Chan We are an anime / Japan loving community. Join
/r/OnePiece One Piece is a highly popular manga, in and out of Japan. With many chat's to discuss the series and a role-playing feature, this is the #1 OP Discord! Join
YAPS Yet Another Programming Server Join
BreakTime A french server where you come from to share your likes, or play or just talk with people Join
Diva Devils Dedicated gaming/social sever for girls only. Join
Sven's Discord PUB Chat, Talk, Gaming, Fun, and much more.. Get Connected! Join
Zac A place where you can talk about your favourite anime, manga, games, k-pop just basically anything in general you want to talk about! No Limits! Join
Undergame Talk about games, make parties with voice channels and get cool ranks! Join
KT e-Sports A Turkish e-Sports organization that has teams for CS: GO, Overwatch, and League of Legends. Join
vσι∂ cιтү vσι∂ cιтү is a friendly community where you can hang with your friends and meet new friends, we talk about games, techs, anime, music and more, we are also a meme's servers. Join us and have fun! Join
Otaku-Treffpunkt A German Discord for Anime/Manga/Hentai/Ecchi fans or even gamers. Join
Atlas Atlas is a moderation bot that focuses on quality over quantity. Join
The Yellow Syrup Discord Server This is the official discord chat for the Yellow Syrup and Two Much Syrup YouTube channel. If you want to play games,ask questions, or just chat! This is the server for you. Also everyone in the server is nice and has very strict rules that apply to everyone.Thank you! Join
Pixel's Picnic A friendly and welcome community for anyone to join and chat with others. We have bots and occasionally hold tournaments and events. Join
Burn The Books We're a server dedicated to getting you through hell schools. We understand the stresses and struggles of School, whether it be Middle School, High School or even College. We'll help you through most subjects: Math, History, Science, English/Essay, and Language classes. Join
Sullivan Squad Gaming) Small Gaming Community Looking to grow. Friendly! Join
The Hentai Community(THC) Bunch of pervs that enjoy adult japanese art and animation. Join
Sorrowlands All kinds of subjects, for all kinds of people! Join
PanzerDiscord Gaming focused public Discord server, mainly Overwatch but also other games like Rainbow Six: Siege. Join
Gamindustri Standard Neptunia-themed gaming community where both fans of the series and those looking to hang out can play games together, talk about anime, and anything else! Join
Lowkey Chat and hangout Join
Animal Crossing: Discord Chat Animal Crossing Discord Chat Join
World of Tanks Join the biggest World of Tanks server on Discord today! Friendly people, easy to find platoon mates, share your battle results and much more. Join
osu! Game A community Discord server where you can talk about osu-related topics, or simply meet new people and make new friends. Join
Reggie A Discord server for all the reggies Join
Galloping Cat Tavern Grab a seat, have a drink, and chat with the local patrons. We're a friendly bunch that like all things games, be it digital or tabletop. Join
PC Gaming Overlords A PC Discord Game And Talk Server For Everyone Join
Lion Heart Gaming A Clash Royale and Clash of Clans server that also holds events and streams on top of our amazing community. Join
PurpleFrogs We Have Fun and around with bots,We are like a family.We also play games together such DOTA 2,TF2 And Many More. Join
Undiscovered Potential It is a home for anyone who just wants to talk, game, share poetry or their feelings. Anyone can join and we hope to improve the community. Join
YouTube Sensations Community for Youtube & Twitch Sensations Join
Kingdom of Cats We're a small Discord server for cat lovers and meme lovers alike. We're family friendly, unless you choose to opt into the mature channels. Join
badabangbadaboosh For all gamers acroos the world who want to get together and play plus also just for chitchat and funny commands Join
Basically Gaming A relaxed gaming community, in it for the laughs. Join
JustForNerds - Where nerds brag! A community for gamers, anime/manga lovers and tech nerds! :3 Join
Goldenrod Center Pokémon Server. Talk, Trade, Battle. Join
FullMetal Alchemist Chat This chat is for discussing FullMetal Alchemist and meeting fellow otakus. Welcomes all ages. Join
The Music Zone A place to jam out, hangout, and have a good time with friends! Join
Winamice Servidor do canal Winamice no Youtube, onde fazemos streams de League of Legends todo dia, conversamos, ouvimos musicas, vemos videos, etc. Join
Terraria Discord server for anything Terraria related, including Terraria: Otherworld! Come find new friends to play with or just talk with other Terrarians! Join
Homestuck hangout Talk about homestuck, memes and other things here. Join
Th3 Bratvas Somos uma organização de campeonatos e um grupo. Join
Gaming Gaming Server for all! If we don't have your game, let us know! Join
TeamCrayCray Gunshine Welcome to TeamCrayCray Gunshine! We are working to revive If you already know what Gunshine is and are interested in experiencing it again join now! :D Join
YUGIOH LANCER DEFENSE SOLDIERS EXTREMELY LARGE DECK DATABASE If you need a deck list, come in and you can get one for FREE! Join
SimsVIP & Friends Sul Sul! We're a community of friends that love The Sims. Come play, share your creations, and join in voice/text chat. Or just check into the latest Sims news and share your opinion. All respectful Simmers are welcome! Join
Dev's Server Welcome to Dev's Server, an old reopened Discord server full of gamers, developers, and a team of streamers. Come join Devs' to support the server grow. Join
Golden General) We're a chat for everyone, the main focus for this chat is to meet new people and have fun. Join
The Hut A fast-growing and extremely active community, we talk about a diversity of topics ranging from : Anime, games, music, memes, chill and much more! Non - Anime watchers and Non - Gamers are always welcome! Join
Centipede_Central Formally known as The_Donald, Centipede_Central is home to thousands of pro-Trump users. The largest political server on Discord. Join
Uncensored Politics UP is the largest political Discord containing people with many different political perspectives. We don't discriminate. Everyone is welcome! Join
TEST a col server but don't be fooled by its name Join
Kink Gang Trying to grow an active, fast growing anime & gaming community! Join
The Murder Series The Murder Series is a roleplaying community based around a wide variety of RPs that can be found on Join
Jonochrome The official Discord server for Jonochrome. The creator of One night at Flumpty's and Riddle School Join
Pirates Online Retribution The official Pirates Online Community! Chat with yer mates about anything to do with Pirates Online Retribution! Play for FREE today by visiting Join
GamersTeam Server de Gamers de habla hispana de multiples MMO como League of Legends, Vindictus, Warfame, Black Desert RU, Wakfu y muchos mas... Join
TheZealotGamer's Emote Server A discord server with some global emotes and general discussion! Join
Watchpoint: Dorado Watchpoint: Dorado (formerly known as the SombraARG) is mainly focused around Overwatch and would love for you to join our community! Join
Tilairgan Discord Server Community for Gamers, Critics, Creators, and YouTubers! Get a taste of the community and become a member for full access. Join
Yooka-Laylee Lounge For fans of Yooka-Laylee, the new 3D platformer from Playtonic Games! Discuss the game, share fan-made creations, listen to music, and more! Join
Worlds Collide A small friendly community. A server for people with many interests. Join for dank memes, funny egirls, weebs, and losers! Join
New Game! Active, fast growing Anime & Gaming community! Join and gain access to 50 global anime emotes and be a part of giveaways and events! Join
'''Dragonsblood Guild''' Ay Hunter! Do you play monster hunter? We can fix you up good so your hunting with style! Join
The Banter Cave A European-based server for any kind of chat. Just anything! Join
SEA Southeast Asia Gaming Squad A SEA community for CS:GO, Dota 2, Battlefield 1, Forza Horizon 3 & COD. Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei & other SEA countries are welcome. Join
【𝒞ℴ𝓃𝓋ℯ𝓍】 - Design Showcase This is a Discord for Designs. Design Requesting is allowed. Join
Tokyo Ghoul 24th Ward A fresh server dedicated to the fans of Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re. Join
Movies For the subject of movies/television, everyone is welcome. Join
AnimeAddict Come one, come all and become the coolest keyboard master on your block! (not really). What are you waiting for? Come embrace your weeb here! Join
Roblox Fans Like ROBLOX? Join us and chat with other ROBLOXers! Join
MCRebirth Minecraft RolePlaying Modded server based on Crundeecraft! join for more info! Join
Total Miner Official Discord of Total Miner, A Voxal RPG Sandbox Game Maker, coming soon to steam. Join
New Gate! Here at New Gate, we welcome new users to a community where you can discuss anime/games/movies to your own liking, or talk about your day ^-^ Join
Visual Fire Here we're a respectable fun community who just like to be humans! Do almost anything to everything here, and make sure to have fun! Join
Server For Gamers Server For Gamers was created for gamers and non-gamers on any and every platform to collaborate, discuss and help each-other. Join
Gaming Talks Gaming Talks is a place for gaming discussions and sometimes we are just chilling. Are you a gamer? Fell free to join now! Join
Attention Haven This is a friendly environment for all types of people, and the most important rule is NO BULLYING! Invite all of your friends! Join
MD Community A server related to gaming and development) Join
Grand Master Challenge A server for the Super Street Fighter II Turbo community with event and stream notifications. Join
LGBTI Jugend Deutschland Server for german speaking LGBTIs Join
The Virus Domain Become an active 'virus' with us if you are into different kinds of topics covering gaming, anime-manga, music among other topics, with exclusive hidden channels! Join
STORMHEART STORMHEART is a modified Minecraft RPG server that features skills, bosses, and advanced crafting. Connect today at: Join
Foxy Gang The official home of DoomTheRobot! Prepare for some games, chat, and some memes. Probably. Join
Rift Community Welcome to anybody! Gaming, movies, memes, and prank calls Join
First Blood First Blood is a League of Legends community for NA Gold + players. With more than 2500 members, we offer free coaching/VOD reviews, weekly tournaments (streamed AND casted), in-house games, karaoke and more. Join
The Love Shack This is the fastest growing social Discord for gaming, chatting, anime, memes, art, karaoke and lots more Join
Dungeons and DragonBalls Dungeons and DragonBalls is a dungeons and dragons RPG discord server, we only recommend people that have knowledge in DBZ Join
RandomCraft A minecraft server community, make new friends and find common interest. Join
Musicians Center Musicians Center is a place for all musicians and non musicians to get together and chat (mostly about music). All ages, custom roles, Tatsumaki (other bots), and more. Join
Void Blessed Home of the Void Blessed, a community Warframe server dedicated to you, Tenno. Come join and play with us. Join
Lions Den Gaming Community Welcome, we are a sodium free gaming community. We focus on having positive experiences while gaming. We play a large assortment of games from Overwatch to Rainbow Six Siege on PC. Join
NightFoxeS Small gaming community looking to expand :) Join
Classic World of Darkness Open server for listing, recruiting, and discussing Classic World of Darkness Games Join
Land of Weebs A growing discord server aiming to be very popular! Join
The Order of Spoon We're a tiny, tightly-knit community, mostly gathered around osu! and otaku culture, but we welcome everyone. Rooms for games and programming. Join
LOLMV League Of Legend Gaming Community Maldives Join
Modern Combat 5 Modern Combat 5 South Asian server for windows Join
Straight Outta Tumblr) Multi-Gaming community :CSGO,Overwatch,Arma3,Dayz and more Join
The Mafia The Mafia is looking for new members to carry Godfather's orders! Join
Discord Souls III Discord Souls III is a social discord with tons of fun bots! Join
Zombie's Clubhouse Just a place to hang out with friends and others, and as well to have fune Join
Madoka Magica We are a new and fast-growing Madoka-themed server with a friendly and cozy community. Come talk about anime, manga, art, games, be lewd or just hang out and meet some new people! Join
Altosk A friendly server for everyone Join
Gaming Server👾🇳🇱🎮 A dutch community that likes to game! and talk about stuff We hope to see you!:) Join
Pokemon Go - Tampa Pokemon Go server dedicated to those in and around the Tampa, FL area. All four teams welcome. All ages welcome, keep it kind and friendly! Join
Nap Club A small but ever growing community! Hang out with people you don't know! Talk about topics you find interesting, All Humans, Aliens, Animals, Plant species are welcome! Join
Discord_Ru Русскоязычное сообщество Join
Hylian Community Welcome to the Hylian Gaming Community! Join
New Age Network New Age Network is a discord community made for Content Creators and Gamers Join
.rustFire A small but growing Oceanic Australian/New Zealand Discord gaming community. We have public gaming servers a couple popular games like Garry's Mod and Terraria. Join
Gaming Server for gamers like Roblox,Minecraft and more! Join
Roblox Talk A place to chill, relax, talk about roblox. 18+ Mature Content will result in ban. Join
Toasty's Palace Just a fun server to hang out on! We have artists and gamers! Join
Bananasquash's YT chat A server built for people to talk about my YouTube channel, chat with me, talk to me on streams, ect. Join
Pokemon? Place for pokemon advice, chat, battle and trades. Join
Battlefield 1 Singapore A place for all Singapore Battlefield 1 Players Join
Gamer's Welcome to the Gamer's Community! Join
The Place For Talking A community made for all kinds of people. Whether you like games, art, or just talking. We've got you covered. Join
ProjectComment Chat A social and fun place to chat about art, projects and constructive comments, hosted by! Join
Forever Alone Club Made for loners, by loners. A pretty small and weeb community. All are welcome. We have depression channels here to let you open your heart and share the pain. Join
PhiBu A small Discord server to talk about anime and games. Join
THE LEGENDARIES Its a league of legends community full of bot featues (you can suggest me more) Join
MODS4DAŸZ Anything and everything related to GTA 5 Accounts Services modding raffles.Its a Gaming Heaven! Join for GTA V modding and cracking now! Join
Gayming A community for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender gamers! Join our community and chat today! Join
Ricky's Salt Mines For those to discuss Games, Art, and Anime. Join
Gamers Underground New server looking for staff and gamers Join
The Chill Zone We are a chilled community, our main focus is gaming however we like to have lots of fun. We have events and giveaways every now and again as well. Join
Clab This server is full of programmers and gamer! Join
Street Memes Mostly a meme group. We play games and mess around with each other. We also DO have a few furries in our group so you will have to get along with them or at the very least ignore them. We play things like TF2, overwatch, For Honor, Xenoverse, Astroneers, and GTA online. Join
Poot Comm. Join a fun community of casual gamers and general bros.(mainly FPSs, though)! Join
GamerDen Want some casual gaming banter? Are you a developer, or need help with something? Are you looking for a group of to play with? Yeah? Then you'll fit right in. Join
Nanowrimo A fun place for anyone to game, chat, write, shitpost, and watch movies. Join
Orbit A nice server to chill, talk, listen to music/stream or chew some Wrigley's Join
Game Cyphers For rappers who like video games Join
NBA Chill community where we discuss NBA and other things, trying to get better all the time! Join
Squad ☁ A community for multiple games and other subjects. Join
X-Server Regular movie nights, game meet-ups, and discussion of all topics. A creator friendly server that allows advertisement of Youtube, Twitch, and other projects. Join
Nullock Technically/Gaming/Anime/etc - Always looking for new faces to meet, come join us and show dank memes! Join
Dark Gamers Community A friendly and chill server for gamers. Join
The Night Net Project As the internet grows, so do different creations and ideas. The Night Net Project is a community based around helping these creations and ideas grow. We are open to anyone and have a wide variety of topics including Anime, Music, Manga, Books, Movies and more. Join
hell hell is a gaming/fun/anything chatting server! Join
Grenade Gaming We are here to help those who are interested in gaming to get acquainted with the exciting world of online multiplayer gaming. Join
United Game Room UGR Discord is the place to socialize, share your gaming experiences, and enjoy our many other interactive features! Join us today! Join
People in the Van A secret server for chatting about anything Join
ManiacalRed's Server We have fun here, so heckin join m8 Join
Team Inspiration) Looking for players around the globe! Join
RedDragon Gaming We are just a fun server looking for Gamers to come join us! Join
100% orange juice a server for discussing and finding people too play the game 100% orange juice with Join
CakeKingdom A place to game, talk and hang out with new and old friends alike. Join
Tempest  :D we are a growing anime & manga community! We are currently looking for trustworthy members and a large community to make an enjoyable environment! Oh yeah, please ignore that user limit up there... Just join us :D Join


Any restrictions on servers?

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  • No servers with extreme opinion (racist, sexual, etc)

How to add my server into the page?

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3. Copy the following format and fill its content box.

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Also, please remove all round brackets after filling!
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You may need to read IPM.

How to unlist my server?

DM austinhuang#1076. Please provide a reason. Also, if your server has more than 1 month of inactivity, it'll be removed.